The Turtle Healing Band Clinic (“THBC”) saw a patient who’s chief complaint was nocturia.  However, his PSA (“Prostate Specific Antigen”) was “within normal limits.”  The only treatment given to the patient was a 24-minute PEMF (“Pulsing Electromagnetic Field”) session with the CellVital mat.  He went home and slept through the night without having to urinate “for the first time in years.”  Most likely, PEMF corrected an ANS (“Autonomic Nervous System”) dysfunction. Lab results showed that the patient also had an immune deficiency (normal=1200 cells/cmm3).  He returned 3 months later for follow-up.  Here’s what THBC found:

12-05-19: Total Lymphocyte Count =    810 cells/cmm3
03-18-20: Total Lymphocyte Count = 1,544 cells/cmm3


Patients who wish to purchase CellVital Units for home use may do so by contacting THBC or by going to Request your free copy of “PEMF Scientific Studies” by sending an email to: [email protected].