Meet Our Expert Practitioners at Turtle Healing Band Clinic

Meet Our Expert Practitioners at Turtle Healing Band Clinic

Introduction to Our Clinic

At Turtle Healing Band Clinic, we pride ourselves on offering a holistic approach to alternative medicine. Our team of highly qualified practitioners forms the backbone of our clinic, ensuring that every patient receives the best possible care.

Daniel Royal, DO, JD, CTP

Dr. Daniel Royal is a cornerstone of our clinic, bringing vast experience and multiple qualifications. As a Doctor of Osteopathy, Juris Doctor, and Certified Tribal Practitioner, Dr. Royal combines medical expertise with a holistic approach to healing. His dedication to patient care and alternative medicine makes him a valuable asset to our team.

Robert Boer, CTH

Robert Boer is a Certified Tribal Healer whose expertise in traditional healing practices enriches our clinic’s offerings. Robert’s extensive knowledge of tribal healing techniques allows him to provide unique and effective treatments tailored to each patient’s needs. His commitment to holistic health is evident in the personalized care he delivers.

Bill Bhogal, PhD, CTT

Dr. Bill Bhogal holds a PhD and is a Certified Tribal Technician, specializing in the technical aspects of holistic and alternative medicine. Dr. Bhogal’s scientific background and technical skills complement our clinic’s approach, ensuring that we utilize cutting-edge methods in our treatments. His focus on integrating traditional practices with modern technology sets our clinic apart.


At Turtle Healing Band Clinic, our practitioners are not just healthcare providers; they are dedicated healers committed to the well-being of every patient. Their diverse qualifications and holistic approach make our clinic a leader in alternative medicine. We invite you to meet our team and experience the exceptional care that sets us apart.



Turtle Healing Band Clinic Joins Forces with First Choice Hospice

Introduction to the Partnership

We are pleased to announce that Turtle Healing Band Clinic has recently joined forces with First Choice Hospice (FCH) this month. This strategic partnership aims to enhance the level of care and services provided to our patients in Las Vegas.

Leadership and Medical Direction

Dr. Royal, a seasoned professional in the medical field, now serves as the Medical Director for this collaborative effort in Las Vegas. With years of experience and a commitment to patient-centered care, Dr. Royal is dedicated to ensuring the highest standards of medical service for all our patients.

THB Clinic recently joined with First Choice Hospice (“FCH”) this month. Dr. Royal now serves as its Medical Director in Las Vegas. Serena Clegg is the FCH owner. Bayink Falter, NP coordinates the patient care.

Commitment to Quality Care

This partnership underscores our commitment to providing comprehensive and compassionate care to our patients. By combining resources and expertise, Turtle Healing Band Clinic and First Choice Hospice aim to offer an unparalleled level of service, focusing on the holistic needs of our community. We look forward to the positive impact this collaboration will have on the lives of our patients and their families.

An Oral Vaccine for COVID?

An Oral Vaccine for COVID?

This past year, Turtle Healing Band Clinic “(THBC”) created a Dendritic Cell Vaccine (“DCV”) Protocol. The DCV is currently a clinical study with the Indigenous Medicine Institutional Review Board. It began last summer. To date, THBC Has been 100% successful in helping its patients/subjects obtain IgG antibodies to SARS-COV-2. Now, for THBC to move into the next phase of its clinical study, a Wave Bioreactor is needed. This Bioreactor can be used to make a product that can be put into an oral capsule and taken as part of an immune therapy protocol. Currently, there is an oral capsule for the cholera vaccine that is approved by the World Health Organization. THBC has found a Bioreactor for a reasonable price, but donations are needed to purchase it so that THBC can move into the next phase of its DCV clinical study. Donations can be made for the purchase of equipment and supplies needed for the development of an oral capsule to either: (1) THBC (an IRC 7871 non-profit foundation); or (2) New Life Benefit Foundation (“NLBF”)(a IRS 501 (c)(3) non-profit foundation). To request a copy of THBC‘s Wave Bioreactor brochure and/or COVID-19 handout, email [email protected] or call (702) 562-1454.


NATURAL THYROID is now back in stock for THB patients and THBC providers who need it. It is available in capsules of 32.5 mg, 65 mg, and 130 mg. It is also less expensive than the previous NatureThroid THB patients had been previously using. For more information, call (702) 562-1454 or email [email protected].