Pulsing Electromagnetic Fields

What is a PEMF?

For clinical purposes, a PEMF is a physical therapy system, which reproduces, as closely as possible the naturally existing electrical and magnetic field on earth (e.g., 50 Hz = magnetic field of the earth) and at the same time almost completely suppresses fields of civilization. PEMF fully penetrates the body and strengthens weakened body functions in a natural way. Ideally, a PEMF should generate a pulsating magnetic field, which comprises the necessary frequencies that activate the body’s entire metabolism and immune system, as well as cell regeneration, and thereby produces corresponding reactions in the human body in the form of resonances.  The World Health Organization (“WHO”) considers a magnetic field strength of up to 100 micro-Tesla at 50 Hz as safe.  For example, the Quantronic Resonance System (“QRS”) uses field strengths that are far below the WHO limit (e.g., 30-40 micro-Tesla).  International investigations and user results have not found any detrimental side-effects.

What does a PEMF do?

Every day, our body’s 70 billion cells must function correctly in order to feel vital and to stay healthy. Healthy and energetic cells are the source of our vitality and well-being. Unhealthy and electrically-weakened cells make us exhausted and prone to illnesses. Cell behavior has a strong relationship to its electric energy. Optimal cell voltage is between minus 100 and minus 70 millivolts (“mV”). When cell voltage decreases below minus 60 mV the cell is weakened. If the voltage decreases more, the risk of a disease increases substantially. For example, cancer cells usually have a cell voltage below minus 20 mV. A longer, healthier, and more vital life is only made possible with optimal cell voltage that promotes cell regeneration.  This is because cellular voltage is not only essential for the absorption of minerals and vitamins, but it is also responsible for the removal of toxins. Thus, PEMF “vitalizes” the cells and, through improved ion transport, supports the metabolism of the cells. Moreover, because PEMF reaches every cell of the organism it can also remove cell energy blockages and promote vitality. Our vitality determines our health. Preserving vitality has become a great challenge in an age where pollution, noise and stress are constant.


What are the benefits of PEMF?

PEMF uses electrical energy to direct a series of magnetic pulses through all the body tissues. Each magnetic pulse induces electrical signals that separate coagulated blood cells and increase circulation. PEMF recharges blood cells within minutes and harmonizes balance in the autonomic nervous system that regulates all subconscious bodily functions (e.g., breathing, digestion, hormones, blood pressure, etc.).  In one PEMF study, of the 331 volunteers tested, over 70% reported significant pain reduction and or increased mobility within only 15-30 minutes of use. The results may last a day or two for some. For others, results may extend for weeks or even indefinitely. Frequent use will produce the best long-lasting results and help to optimize one’s bodily functions.