Bill Bhogal, MS, PhD, CTT – Turtle Healing Band Clinic

Dr. Bill Singh (“Balbir Bhogal”) was born in Punjab, India, and went to UK at the age of 18. He graduated from Royal College of Surgeons, London in general and exploratory surgery, and joined Wellcome Research, UK for his Ph.D. in immuno-pharmacology under the mentorship of Dr John Vane. Dr Vane was a Noble Laureate for his work on prostaglandins.

After completing his Doctorate, Dr. Singh joined Dr. Jeanette Torbecke’s Labaortory at NYU medical Center, NY for his post-doctoral training where he published studies on the critical role of dendritic cells and germinal centers in immunoregulation.

Dr. Singh has had extensive experience in Bio-pharmaceuticals and he has worked with multinational pharmaceutical companies such as Merck Sharp and Dohme, SmithKline (now “GlaxoSmithKline”), and academic medical institutes, such as, St. John Hospital, St George’s Hospital, and Medical School in London. In addition, he was an assistant professor in Medicine at Baylor College of Medicine.

Dr. Singh has over 200 peer reviewed publications in immunology, dermatology and infectious diseases. He has hands on experience in isolation, characterization of mesenchymal and embryonic stem cells, stem cells biology/functionality, and studies on their role in treating human disease conditions, including infectious diseases.