The Turtle Healing Band Clinic (“THBC”) recently became the 1st clinic in the United States to obtain the CV-Puls chair from CellVital (“CV”) in Germany. The CV-Puls uses a powerful Pulsing electromagnetic Field (“PEMF”) for the treatment of such lower extremity conditions as bladder weakness, sexual dysfunction (men), libido (women), prostate enlargement, pain (pelvis, hip), osteoarthritis, circulation, etc. To see videos of the CV Puls chair and how it works go to: This treatment is non-invasive, can be done with clothes on, is painless, and its benefits are often noticeable after just a few 20-minutes sessions. Follow-up can be done at home using the CellVital Homecare System.

CV is Available for Home Use

Turtle Healing Band Clinic (“THBC”) is an official CellVital Distributor in the USA. Get more information about CellVital by going to the USA website at: CellVitalTherapy.comBecome a CellVital Affiliate by mailing: [email protected] or calling THBC @ (702) 562-1454.